James Morris

James was born in 1976 in England.

He has a very practical approach to music. Though schooled in music as a child, he has created his own style through improvisation, spanning most styles and by ear. He started playing as a child and has played many different instruments since then, including the trumpet, tenor horn, drums and percussion and finally the bass and 6 string guitars.

When he was 15, he decided to specialise in the bass guitar and this has remained his main instrument. From then on, he has played just about every different popular style of music for various groups in and around the south of England.

From 1996 to 1999 he played in Europe with his jazz-funk band 'Charlies Mushrooms'. This band was created with the sole purpose of pushing musical boundaries through improvisation and playing only in sunnier parts of the world. Since Charlies Mushrooms, James has played bass with many other bands, played session bass in and around the UK and also whilst travelling and living abroad. Nowadays, he keeps playing in festivals throughout UK and France.

His present musical style reflects his eclectic view of music as an art form, and he produces his own materiel under the name of Slimbo. In Jamix, he plays the 4 and 5 string electric bass, and the 6 string classical and electric guitar.

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