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2011-01-10: Jamix joins the local groups competition for the 46 Heineken Jazzaldia Festival of Donostia / San Sebastián.

2010-10-03: After a two year break, Jamix is back with a new singer: Ainhoa Eguiguren.

2010-04-30: Jamix purchases domain jamix.net, which will host the band's website from now on.

2008-01-25: Jamix is selected among all groups presented from the Basque Country for playing in the Festival 43 Jazzaldia of Donostia, and a live show is summoned the 29th of April in Altxerri Bar & Jazz in Donostia as a selection test, with a jury

2007-03-30: New website available with features like: news, guestbook, subscription to newsletter, 4 languages...

2007-03-20: Our demo is for sale in Musikarte Bengoa (Easo street 29, Donostia) and Music Megastore (before Tak-Music, Easo street 81, Donostia)

2007-03-10: infoconciertos.com includes in its bulletins Jamix's concert in the Victoria Eugenia Theatre's Club the 3rd of April at 20:30

2007-02-22: Jamix front page in Irutxuloko Hitza newspaper

2007-01-26: The new section in Diario Vasco's website about the Jazzaldia's local candidates is available in http://canales.diariovasco.com/objetivo_jazzaldia where net surfers will have candidates' music, photos and videos available, and will have the option to vote for their favourites, therefore helping the jury with their decision

2007-01-23: The show calendar for the selected local groups is presented in Donostia's Town Hall's Comissions Room

2007-01-19: Newspaper Diario Vasco contacts Jamix asking photos, mp3, videos and the band's presentation text in order to prepare the Special Operación: Jazzaldia

2007-01-02: Jamix is selected within the first 15 groups among all groups presented from the Basque Country for playing in the Festival 42 Jazzaldia of Donostia, and a live show is summoned the 3rd of April in the renewed Club of the Victoria Eugenia Theatre in Donostia as a selection test, with a jury

2006-12-11: Jamix joins the local groups competition for playing in the Festival 42 Jazzaldia of Donostia

2006-12-04: Rumbos, Jamix's new demo is available. You can ask it in "contact"

2006-11-16: James is interviewed about Jamix in Irutxuloko Hitza (article in pdf)

2006-10-10: Jamix joins the myspace phenomena in www.myspace.com/jamixsound

2006-09-XX: Three members of Jamix, Amaia, Jon and Ganix, start their academic exchange in Seville, Berlin and Lyon respectively

2006-08-20: Localia Gipuzkoa TV interviews Jamix for their special program "Aste Nagusia" in the "Paseo de la Concha" of Donostia, with two live performances

2006-07-19: During 3 days, Jamix records for the first time in an analog studio his demo, despite that they had two consecutive concerts in FNAC Donostia and Amorebieta-Etxano (Bizkaia)

2006-04-08: Jamix acquires the jamix.eu domain (european union) that will host our website from now on

2009 - 2010 >Due to the fact that some Jamixians have been abroad, the band takes a break till 2011.
2008-12-06 >Psilocybe (Hondarribi)
2008-11-28 · 20:00 >MAD (Donostia)
2008-07-25 · 23:00 >Be-bop bar (Donostia)
2008-07-24 · 22:00 >Lopez Mendizabal Plaza, Tolosa (Gipuzkoa)
2008-07-21 >Teledonosti TV, 'Y ahora, qué'
2008-05-15 · 12:30 >Euskadi Irratia, 'Aperitifa'
2008-04-29 · 20:30 >Altxerri Bar & Jazz (Donostia)
Selection concert for the 43rd Jazzaldia.
Free entrance.
2007-09-29 · 12:00 >CANCELLED Atsegindegi Square, Hernani (Gipuzkoa)
2007-07-24 · 19:00 >FNAC (Donostia)
  (directions)  (poster)
2007-04-03 · 20:30 >Victoria Eugenia Theatre's Club (Donostia)
Selection concert for the Jazzaldia.
Free entrance, limited seating capacity: get your free entrance the same day from 17:00 on in the theatre's ticket office.
  (directions)  (poster)
2007-01-04 · 20:00 >Leize Gorria (Donostia)
2006-08-31 · 22:00 >Larrabetzu (Bizkaia)
2006-08-20 · 23:00 >Ergobia's festivities (Gipuzkoa)
2006-08-20 · 21:20 >Localia Gipuzkoa TV
Special program Aste Nagusia in the Paseo de la Concha (Donostia)
2006-07-21 · 23:00 >Parque Rojo (Amorebieta-Etxano, Bizkaia)
2006-07-20 · 20:00 >FNAC (Donostia)
2006-05-27 · 23:00 >Sala Pagoa (Oiartzun) with Ácido C
  (poster)  (flyer)
2006-05-20 · 23:00 >Sala Pagoa (Oiartzun) with Agrofunk (Menorca)
2006-03-25 · 12:00 >Tximela's inauguration (Beasain)
2006-03-11 · 23:00 >Casa del guarda (Urgull, Donostia)
2006-03-05 · 20:00 >Bar Miner (Loiola)
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