Joxean Flores

Joxean (pronounced Hosean) started his drumming antics at the age of 16 while completing his last years of formal music training and trying to learn the sax (didn't happen)

Not much later he started studying percussion at the San Sebastian Music Academy finishing with a Superior Pass.

While learning percussion in school and later his curiosity and taste for the drums led him to share this classical training with the study of modern drumming tecniques and be a part of many diverse musical groups. On one side he was developing his understanding of classical percussion in formal orchestras while on the other he was drumming for bands playing all styles from Pop to Jazz locally, nationally and internationally!

He started playing Jazz participating in many courses tutored by some of the best players around and at the same time playing small tours settling into this challenging style.

Whilst collaborating with various groups his taste for fusion built up and he has played on many recordings both for comercail release and also for TV.

At this moment Joxean continues to ascend this drumming learning curve with Jamix and is enjoying the mix of so many styles playing reggae, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, samba, salsa and believe me the list goes on!

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